Don E. Schultz, Ph. D.
Don E. Schultz is Professor (Emeritus-in-Service) of Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University, Evanston, IIlinois. He is also President of Agora, Inc., a global marketing, communication and branding consulting firm with headquarters in Evanston, Illinois. Schultz lectures, conducts seminars and conferences and consults on five continents.
Martin P. Block, Ph. D.
Martin P. Block is a Professor in the Integrated Marketing Communications Division of the Medill School at Northwestern University. He is currently sector head for Entertainment and Gaming. He teaches graduate level marketing research, sales promotion, advertising and direct marketing.
BIGresearch provides consumer intelligence and shopping behavior research in areas of retail, products, financial services, automotive and media. BIGresearch’s large sample sizes and methodology provides highly accurate consumer information with a margin of error of +/- one percent. It conducts surveys in the U.S. and China which are used by a number of the world’s largest retailers, advertising firms, product manufacturers and financial services companies. For more information visit